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A nice idea

From design studio Atelier Carvalho Bernau:

design proposal showing over-printed invitation

For every invitation or post card we produce, we print another layer on colour on top of the existing design of the last post card. Additionally to the fact that past invitations are visible underneath the succeeding ones, a bread crumb tail at the top of the card connects all invitations and post cards. This is one element of the house style that will reappear in other applications.

Via a post at étapes

More nice ideas:

Some pretty party fish from PK

an interview with David Markson at Bookslut (via haze.tumblr.com)


Written by Dave Lovely

April 8, 2007 at 1:36 pm

Chains of referents

Found via a Bloglines search for “Jean Dubuffet”, (see recent outings at my other blog, Topinambours), this from John Latta at Isola di Rifiuti:

“How I love chains of referents! There’s a passage in Lyn Hejinian’s terrific Slowly that enacts it precisely:

Look up cloud quantity, see organization, suction, cascade (antonym: fixity)
Look up cascade, see deliberation, failure, sincerest repeat
Look up sincerest repeat, see aftermath
Look up aftermath, see fugue, history, perceptible color
Look up perceptible color, see unit of cognition, common sense, paint
Look up paint, see painting (antonym: blank)
Look up painting, see critical inches, see color (above), cobalt gray viridian gray gray lake inch, look up
Look up inch, see premonition, fabric, millimeters
Look up millimeters, see wider films, see fate ramble, fate flicker, reality sucking up fate . .”

That’s the best description of how I browse the web I’ve ever read…

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Written by Dave Lovely

April 7, 2007 at 11:36 pm

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