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Cosmic Ordering Service

…some structural changes in hot molecular clouds are actually called champagne flows by astronomers…

More booze up there than you can shake a telescope at, apparently…

via The Old Foodie

So, can we imagine what size bottles these flows would flow out of? ExaNebu(la)chadnezzars, perhaps.


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June 20, 2007 at 3:29 pm

Amorphous territories

The Blob That Ate New York:

The contaminated zone encompasses at least 55 acres of northern Brooklyn…

..and it’s moving, like a living thing. Hydrocarbon and other spills dating back over a hundred years have pooled beneath the streets of New York, and are now gathering and rising, ready to claim their own…There is talk of vapours, residuals, and glazes. Some speak simply of “The Ooze”:

the blob


Elsewhere, a border fence begins a muted, atonal clang and hum, a dirge for its own existence that ramifies and spreads across the globe from Nogales to Nablus…the world resounds to the noise of structures in pain, begging for their own death.

[Glenn Wynant’s “Anta Project”, via Subtopia]

And if the Greenpoint Blob could be wired for sound, and communicate with the other sumps and sheeny oozes that must exist beneath every city on every continent, what threnodies and laments would we hear then?

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June 7, 2007 at 10:45 pm

The finny tribe

The author and his ghillie, by Hebridean shores

Doughty men in tweed gear themselves up for

Battles with Giant Fish

and then, the melancholy aftermath…

death of a 54 pounder

…in which respects are paid to a fallen foe:

Farewell, old fellow!

A splendid collection of fishing books, via things.

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June 7, 2007 at 12:04 pm

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Archives of American Art – Collections Online: Joseph Cornell, Series 5: Ephemera and Artifacts

Loose Objects, undated (3 small boxes and 1 item; not scanned)
First small box contains:

* Moth specimen in small rectangular box (with a note from Benton attached, indicating that she intended to give it as a gift to Lane [Faison])
* Papier-mache pull-toy horse with notes in square cardboard box
* Stuffed bird figures, matchboxes, plastic toy, clockhands, and metal pendents in small round box
* Box containing cloth from the funeral car and flowers from the funeral wreath of Ulysses S. Grant (with notes identifying material and indicating that it was “presented by Rev. Stephen Merritt”)

Second small box contains:

* Paperweight, container of buttons, wood and cork pieces, wooden beads, piece of driftwood, and small bell in square cardboard box
* Metal grasshopper figure

Third small box contains:

* Metal pencil case (rusted)
* Plastic dolls
* Shell box

Item: Round wooden box (6-3/4″ in diameter)

A found poem, from the papers of Joseph Cornell. Via Moon River.

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June 2, 2007 at 8:12 pm