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Something obscurely clear

A black cat climbed cautiously up the leaning trunk of a palm from whose top hung, attached by a cord of woven grass and oscillating in every breath of wind, the flask-shaped nest of a hanging bird, Anthoscopus (“explorer of flowers”) pendulinus. Above the green of the plants the dome of the sky was blue, not the vulgar azure of postcards but as if Goya himself had painted it, and behind the blue of the sky I seemed to glimpse something obscurely clear, as when Heraclitus says that the sun has the width of a human foot.

Aldo Buzzi, 97 yesterday, from Journey to the Land of the Flies.

James Marcus has a fine tribute to him at his blog, House of Mirth.


Written by Dave Lovely

August 11, 2007 at 9:10 pm

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