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  • My preferred interior decorating style is what I would style early American monastic, but the sheer volume of books that I keep around, along with my own ineptitude with spatial organization, prevent me from achieving the kind of sparseness that I like. I’m not sure I would quite substitute “early English monastic” here (too chilly, not to mention the lice) but I can certainly empathize with this. [Jerry Harp, at the KRBlog]
  • Harp refers, although strangely does not link, to a really excellent article by Anthony Grafton in the current New Yorker – Future Reading: Digitization and its discontents – which anyone interested in the future of books, libraries, and reading would do well to read.
  • wmmna visits the new Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam. Looks good – love those study carrelsand [via the Book Patrol] the librarians are kitted out in some pretty natty threads:


Written by Dave Lovely

November 3, 2007 at 4:25 pm

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