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Pulp fiction…

Momus gets the cultural jitters in B & N:

Everything white, everything elegant, everything stylish and modern seems to have been banished from Barnes & Noble. There isn’t a single interesting, “trustworthy” magazine on the racks, although they go on for miles. It’s all about reassurance, pabulum.

Something tells me a visit to Printed Matter, on the other hand, a bookstore on 10th Avenue in New York dedicated to artists’ books that he goes on to cite as a kind of antidote, could wind up being quite expensive – even though they’re at pains to point out that they don’t mean artists’ books of the limited-edition variety. They seem to have a pretty amazing inventory, if their curated lists (on, say, ‘Innovative Forms’ or ‘Conceptual Comics’) are anything to go by.

I suppose this comes down to bookshops positioning themselves either as part of the leisure and entertainment industry or as places with some sort of cultural, or, dare I say it, educative vision.


Written by Dave Lovely

October 3, 2007 at 5:32 pm