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Flickr favorites, #2


1. bigbell cdv 1890’s, 2. Blossom Restaurant, 103 Bowery, Manhattan., 3. Chionin Large Bell at Kioto, 4. Great Abel, 5. Danseuse., 6. Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn in the Dance of the Rebirth from…, 7. the fairy lovers, 8. the bed is inside the uroko house, 9. Fowey, Cornwall, 10. number five, 11. Abendlied (Husum) / Evening hymn, 12. Eerste Wereldoorlog, loopgraven, 13. Cyril Stanners in fancy dress next to a model aeroplane, 14. Meisje met jonge leeuwen in Artis, 15. La leçon de bicyclette, Mlle Colomès, G. Compayre, Luchon, septembre 1895. Série A. Hanau n° 3116. Dorpsomroeper / Town-crier


Boy’s Own List

Charles of CB Editions finds a list of books read by his boyhood self:

It’s a boy’s list. It’s the list of a middle-class-early 60s-white-boy-who’s-had-a-keen-English-teacher… I can see the covers of many of these books (Pan Books, 2/6) and the print on the page, I can almost touch and smell them…

[Sonofabook: Culture shock]

My own list, did I but know where it was (my assuredly very similar 12-year-old self certainly did make such a list) might have been a little lighter on the Alistair Maclean/Hammond Innes axis (though I was a big Desmond Bagley fan), and would definitely have included several volumes from Willard Price’s ‘Adventure’ series, and most of Gerald Durrell’s books, but otherwise, yes, this ticks boxes.

Written by Dave Lovely

March 3, 2009 at 2:02 pm