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Idyll thoughts


Elaine, the Lily Maid of Astolat
Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879), Illustrations to Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, and other poems
(London: Henry S. King, 1875). volume 1, 12 albumen silver prints.
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ajinayajnopavita : deer skin worn over the left shoulder by Hindu ascetics

bashylk : scythian pointed felt cap

kalabaku : many stringed cummerbund

karnaphul : flower-shaped earring

Glossary of ancient Indian costume, via rose.rose

A pertinent question from a South African book-dealer.:

Who are you, and why are you suddenly buying books that nobody else in the world seems interested in?

Nicholas A. Basbanes on Breon Mitchell’s 2,000 dictionaries of exotic languages, via languagehat.

Also, via a comment on a post at languagehat, here is a picture of Sir Roderick Impey Murchison:

Sir Roderick Impey Muchison directs you to 'look over there'.

A thousand Buddhas. [thanks, MM!]


The Caves of a Thousand Buddhas: Russian Expeditions on the Silk Road, at The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, to the 5th April.

If I had a hammer:


photograph by Étienne-Jules Marey, published in
CH. Frémont – Etudes Expérimentales de Technologie Industrielle – 64e mémoire –
Le Marteau, Le Choc, Le Marteau Pneumatique.
Paris 1923.
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Sunday standouts, #1


Pattern of light made by violinist Jascha Heifetz’s bow. From a sequence by Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine, 1952.


Étienne-Jules Marey, Bird Flight, Pigeon Landing, 1894. (which came fluttering down into my consciousness first thing this morning via the very wonderful gaslightgirl).

The page The Pioneers : An Anthology : Étienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904) , home of this delightful creature, is full of similar wonders.



Cy Twombly, Untitled, 1970

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